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Travel Documents
that you will need to attend QFDI events from overseas


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Travel Tips for Attendees from Overseas


Below, the left photo shows a typical U.S. electrical outlet on the wall side (two flat parallel receptacles and one half-round receptacle). The center and right photos show the device-side plug shapes.

image of US electrical outlet
electrical outlet (wall side)

plug adapter with 2 flat parallel pins       plug adapter with 2 flat parallel pins and a center round pin
plug shapes (device side)

For laptop computer and mobile device use, you need a Plug Adapter that has two flat parallel pins. We recommend you bring them with you because it is sometimes difficult to find them in the United States.

image of a laptop computerAlthough most computers and mobile device are dual-voltage these days, if your laptop runs on 220-240 volts, you will need a 110-volt Transformer. The U.S. uses 110-120 volts AC, 60 cycles.

If your laptop runs on 100 volts, it will probably work fine in the U.S. without a voltage converter, but you may still need a plug adapter.


The symposium and training venues which QFD Institute selects always have access to high-speed Internet. Most of them offer free access.

Mobile Phone

We suggest you check with your mobile phone company whether their service is available in the U.S. cities that you plan to visit, as well as whether your mobile device is compatible with the U.S. networks.

Money & ATM

It is best to exchange foreign money for U.S. dollars before arriving in the U.S., although most businesses in U.S. cities accept credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express. (exceptions may be small shops and taxis.)

Most U.S. banks are open 9 am–4 pm on weekdays. ATMs (automated teller machines) are easy to find in most cities and they are typically available for 24 hours. Two most popular US networks are Cirrus ( and PLUS ( If you are not sure, check with your card bank for ATM locations at your destinations.

Drinking Water

Tap water is generally safe to drink in the U.S. The venue hotels which QFD Institute selects for our symposium and training always have potable tap water. Bottled water is readily available in hotels and shops.


We make every effort to select hotel venues in a neighbor-hood that is usually safe for our attendees to walk and enjoy. It is advised, however, you use common sense and precautions as you would in any city. When venturing out in the evening, consult the hotel front desk about safe areas and avoid wandering alone late in the evening.


image of weatherWeather in the US varies greatly, depending on the region. Please refer to the Venue and Travel information of the program that you are attending and pack clothing accordingly.

Local Transportation

Airport Transfer (ground transportation from U.S. airports to the event venue) is explained on the web page and brochures of the QFD program that you plan to attend. If you have any questions, please ask us.

Taxis and Uber are readily available at most U.S. airports. Rental cars, shuttle services (mini bus or van) and trains may require reservations.

To rent a car in the U.S., you may be asked to present your passport, driver's license, and an IDP (International Driving Permit). Find out the rental company's policies in advance. IDPs should be obtained in your home country before arriving here. (The U.S. does not issue IDPs to foreign visitors.) Also, be aware that in the U.S., driving rules differ slightly by each state and sometimes by towns..

Travel Documents

Passport & Visa