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Bibliography Papers of ISO 16355-1: 2015 NEW

Tools Matrix of ISO 16355-1 is 23-pages long, with recommended quality tools for each section of the standard. The tools reference 131 books and papers in the Bibliography. The QFD Institute has assembled the referenced papers from QFD Symposia, as well as links to other books in a 1400+ page eBook (ISBN13 978-1-889477-86-2). Price: US$149. To order or inquire about this eBook, please contact QFD Institute.

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Books on QFD, Quality, Product Development, Innovation :

A list of published books by commecial publishers that are often cited by senior QFD practitioners as a reference.

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The books that were cited in newsletters for the particular topics relevant to QFD and Quality discussions.

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The MS Excel QFD templates by the QFD Institute reflect the most up to date Modern QFD methodologies that are essential for the success of your professional projects. The templates are part of the QFD Belt® Courses.

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