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Special Lectures

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  1999 Kansei Engineering :

Special lecture by Prof. Mitsuo Nagamachi from Japan, one of the pioneer in the field. This tutorial and workshop describes how to translate the emoional and image related requirements of the customer into design elements. $250 + shipping/handling

  1996 Hoshin Planning:

Special lecture by Profs. Yoji Akao, Kozo Koura, and Tadashi Yoshizawa of Japan. This volume contains several articles on the fundamentals of hoshin planning and strategic hoshin planning for building long term organizational goal. ISBN1-889477-80-X. $50 + shipping/handling

  1995 Gemba Kaizen: Sold out

Taught by Masaaki Imai, author of Kaizen and Gemba Kaizen. This post conference 3 hour tutorial introduced the concepts of continuous improvement at the gemba, the site where the product it put into use. ISBN1-889477-79-6

Forum Hardcopies

Presentations and discussions from past forums attended by invitation-only QFD experts.

  1995 Forum Hardcopy :   (ISBNISBN1-889477-51-6)

  1993-1994 Forum Hardcopy :   (ISBN1-889477-50-8)

QFD Symposium Transactions (case studies & research papers)


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