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ISO 16355 & QFD

We invite you to submit your paper proposal (abstract) for the next Symposium on QFD.(Scan the code to go to Call For Paper page)

What to Submit:

  1. Title of your paper
  2. Abstract (The central point of your paper);
  3. Category (What does your paper report? Example: case study of your company, academic research, student paper, consultant paper, hypothetical examples, new method proposal, client's case study, etc.)
  4. Data Source and Analytic Tools that you plan to use;
  5. Authors' contact information and introduction (Author and Co-author's names, job titles, organizations, e-mail address, short introduction of each aothor);
  6. Presentation Plan (If selected, will you be able to travel and present your paper at the Symposium?)

NOTE: Full Draft Paper or Completed Paper will be required for all academic submissions, research reports, consultant papers, new concepts/methods proposals. After submitting the above information, please inform us when your Draft Paper will be ready.

Send To:


Presentation of Interest:

Papers reporting QFD application cases and research, including success stories, new ideas for QFD tools and applications, unique solutions with QFD approach, challenges, integration examples, as well as your company's QFD journey, things learned, challenges you faced or are facing, mistakes that others should avoid, and questions you and your project team might have about QFD implementation and analytic methods.

Both completed projects and those still in progress are candidates for presentation. Submissions from all countries and industries are welcome.

Speaker Benefits:

Presentations that excite audience:

Selection Criteria:

Paper selection will be made on the basis of overall quality, interest to symposium attendees, relevance to the conference, originality and depth of the work, value of contribution to the QFD world, and commitment to in-person presentation at the Symposium.

Application Papers are defined as papers reporting QFD implementation within your company on your own product, business process, or service, accompanied with empirical data. The author(s) should have been directly involved with the project / example that is being reported (you should be able to answer audience questions about the case or project being presented). Application Papers should include the methods of data collection, data source, and methods of QFD analysis, to the extent and form permissible for public disclosure (evidence substantiating the application of QFD).

Academic Papers, Research Papers, New Methods Proposal, Hypothetical Case Reports should be founded on sound QFD knowledge, have a clear theoretical base, and include supporting data. The presenter / speaker should be one of the primary researchers who are directly involved with the research and/or case study that is being reported (you should be able to answer the details concerning the research and data analysis). Full Draft Paper or Completed Paper will be required for this paper category. Please include these details to the extent available at this time:

  1. Your research purpose and what you aim to achieve;
  2. Conceptual or theoretical basis;
  3. Data source;
  4. Methods of data collection and analysis;
  5. QFD tools you have selected to use and the reason for it;
  6. References that you are using or plan to use.

Consultant Papers should also include supporting data, methods of data collection or data source, and methods of QFD analysis. You may be required to obtain a written authorization from your client permitting your presentation of their case and examples, per U.S. intellectual property law. Please note that our audience typically prefers presentations by the case owner (i.e., your client); acceptance priority will be given on presentations that include the client as a speaker (co-speaker). 

NOTE: Papers mainly comprised of summaries of information found on the Internet and/or in books and re-reporting of articles and examples previously published by others are not appropriate for this Call for Papers without contribution of original substance.

QFD Institute's Symposia do not permit papers and presentations containing sales pitch, advertising, and/or infomercial. If you wish to promote/exhibit your product and service at this conference, please contact us.

Acceptance Process:

Paper proposals are accepted on a rolling bases. The acceptance becomes official when the main author (main speaker) confirms his/her presentation with Speaker Registration, which allows us to publish and promote your paper through symposium materials.


E-mail to QFD Institute


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