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QFD Green Belt® Certificate Course

17th–18th January, 2017
8:30–17:00 on both days
Tallinn, Estonia

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This authoritative introduction to Modern Blitz QFD® is designed for businesses and people who wish to learn the cutting-edge best practice for agility, innovation and leadership essential to compete in today’s global market.

The curriculum incorporates the latest advancements in quality, design, and project management that are not yet taken up by the traditional approach seen elsewhere. You will be introduced to all of these topics in this course:
  • ISO 16355 (the new QFD standard)
  • Design for Lean Sigma (DFLS) / Six Sigma (DFSS)
  • Emotional Design using Lifestyle QFD
  • Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP)
  • TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving)
  • New Lanchester Strategy for Marketing, and more.

This workshop is part of the international program in Quality Function Deployment; it is the only QFD curriculum authorized by the late Dr. Akao, founder of QFD. As a course offered by the QFD Institute, you are assured of the excellence in training unparalleled to others on this subject.

This 2-day course will be taught in English. It is held in partnership with Estonian Association for Quality. (Attendees of this course are offered free admission to EAQ conference on January 19, if they would like.)

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QFD Green Belt® Course
This Step-By-Step, Hands-On Workshop Will Show You: (Click here to open / close the panel)
Associated Methods That You Will Be Introduced: (Click here to open / close the panel)
Your Instructor: Glenn H. Mazur

This Tallinn course will be taught by Glenn H. Mazur.

Mr. Mazur has been certified as a QFD Red Belt® (the highest level) by the late Dr. Akao. In 1998 Mr. Mazur was awarded the International Akao Prize® for his work in developing and disseminating the practice of QFD globally. photo - Glenn Mazur

Mr. Mazur serves as the Executive Director of the QFD Institute and International Council for QFD which coordinates international research and symposia toward advancement of the QFD methodology. Mr. Mazur is also the convenor of ISO 16355 technical committee.

Glenn has also been designated a QFD Architekt by the QFD Institut Deutchland. In addition to his work in QFD, he has also been trained in the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) by its developers Drs. Thomas Saaty and Ernest Forman and has integrated this methodology into the QFD priority scoring system.

Who Should Attend: (Click here to open/close this panel)
  • No Prerequisites.
  • New product and service development teams and project managers;
  • Project team members from Marketing & Sales, R&D, Design, Manufacturing, Service, Quality, Business Development, and those who are key to the success of the new product / business / organizational strategy;
  • Training scouts who will report to their management;
  • Quality consultants, Six Sigma / Lean Sigma / DFLS / DFSS Black Belts and Master Black Belts;
  • Trainers, facilitators, internal Quality / Sigma gurus, Organizational Excellence champions, as well as University Professors who teach innovation and the topics mentioned here;
  • University professors and researchers in the fields of new product development, innovation, entrepreneurship, Voice of Customer analysis and related topics;
  • Those who are familiar with traditional QFD and House of Quality methods from 1980s.
  • Anyone who seeks better designs, quality, and innovation.
  • Here is a partial list of companies that have sent employees to this training.
Recommended Things To Bring: (Click here to open/close this panel)
  1. A laptop computer (with CD drive, MS Excel®, MS Word®, and Adobe Acrobat® reader) or calculator -- as you will receive a CD or memory stick with QFD software templates and case studies.
  2. Relevant marketing and technical data for a small project or a part of a large project that you are currently working on or plan to work on in the future. (You will receive detailed instructions on this with your registration receipt/invoice.)

    IMPORTANT: There is NO NEED to reveal any confidential data. The goal is to make the QFD exercises real and meaningful to you!  If it is not feasible to bring such data, you may join others or use a generic (or hobby) project.
QFD Belt® Certification: (Click here to ope / close this panel)

A provisional QFD Green Belt® Certificate will be issued upon successful completion of this course.

Students desiring to receive a full certification must submit a completed QFD project to the Instructor within one (1) year, demonstrating their ability to use the modern QFD Blitz®® tools taught in the course. For this purpose, they may send work-in-process to the instructor for review, following the classroom portion of the training.

Pricing & Registration:

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This course will be held on 17th–18th of January 2017 (from 8:30 to 17:00 on both days) at the Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences (Eesti Ettevõtleuskõrgkool Mainor, Suur-Sõjamäe 10a, Tallinn, Estonia).

This university is about 3 minutes (1.5 km) by car from Tallinn Airport (Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport; airport code = TLL), and about 15 minutes (5.5 km) by car from the Old City Harbour / Vanasadam (Port of Tallinn).

Not sure how to get here?  Ask us by email . . .

Map of Tallinn (Click for Google map)
map of Tallinn venue

Regional map
map of Estonia and EU

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact Estonian Association for Quality —or— QFD Institute if you have any questions.

We look forward to welcoming you in this course.


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