Akao Prize

In 1996, Dr. Yoji Akao, co-founder of QFD, convinced that the substantial evolution and contribution of QFD world-wide merited recognition of those who had made it possible, agreed to the creation of a Prize in his honor.

The Akao Prize is now awarded to individuals around the world who have demonstrated excellence in their practice, advancement and dissemination of QFD for many years. Taken into consideration are advanced research, innovation, excellence in practical applications, leadership in international collaborations pertaining to QFD and ISO 16355, and continual skills upgrading through QFD Certificates training, as well as notable personal commitment and service to the international QFD community.

Selection follows the model of the Deming Prize, whereby candidates are proposed by a committee of Dr. Akao, the Executive Director of the QFD Institute, and past Prize recipients. The Akao Prize is presented by Dr. Akao and the Executive Director of the QFD Institute at the International Symposium on QFD.

Akao Prize recipients

Seach published papers by the Akao Prize recipients (use Control Key + F).

The Akao Prize is administered by the QFD Institute, per Dr. Akao's request.

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