Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP)

AHP is a mathematically rigorous, proven process for prioritization and decision-making. By reducing complex decisions to a series of pair-wise comparisons, then synthesizing the results, decision-makers arrive at the best decision with a clear rationale for that decision.

Complex or important decisions should not be based solely on instinct. Ordinal scale math, such as 1-3-5-9 and similar rating systems, is mathematically invalid, counteractive to Sigma precisions, and throws off your analytic results, leading to misjudgment of priorities.

Whether prioritizing customer needs in QFD, making budget decisions involving a variety of tangible and intangible strategic goals, managing conflicting stakeholders, or selecting from among dozens or hundreds of alternative initiatives to be pursued, Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) can help managers and developers combine all of this information and make informed decisions. AHP is also a preferred prioritization method in ISO 16355.

AHP Tutorial

This tutorial is now a part of the QFD Green Belt® Course. AHP tutorial can be also held as an in-house training.

Tutorial Contents

Participants in this tutorial will receive MS Excel templates (or a trial version of AHP software when permitted) and instruction for:

Who should attend?

Product Development Specialists, QFD Green Belts®, QFD Black Belts®, Design for Six Sigma and Six Sigma Black Belts and Master Black Belts, Project Managers, those involved in decision making, financial decisions, risk analysis, strategy.

When & Where

Please look for the next public QFD Green Belt® training, which includes case study examples and several templates such as AHP, modern House of Quality, Maximum Value Table, etc.

Or please contact us +1-206-203-3575 to inquire about an in-house training at your business location.


The 2016 international symposium transactions contains papers on why and how to use AHP in QFD and House of Quality. The 2007 symposium transactions contains three articles on AHP, including a keynote speech delivered by Dr. Thomas Saaty, a co-creator of AHP. To locate additional AHP case studies and research papers, browse the abstracts page (search by Control Key + F).

These articles also feature AHP:

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