Kansei Engineering and Lifestyle QFD image of a Kansei Engineering product example

Kansei Engineering (Lifestyle QFD) is product development focused on unspoken customer needs, emotional design and branding.

Today's unprecedented globalization, information economy, and environmental concerns present these challenges to businesses:

These challenges in fact opens a new opportunity for generating greater sales and market share if you can successfully harness the unspoken emotional quality characteristics consumers seek in your product and service.

Kansei Engineering was created to address this emotional side of product development. It is a consumer-oriented emotional design and branding technology that attaches importance to customers' wants for emotional, sensory, and lifestyle-enhancing solutions with your product development, creating synergy for emotional branding.

QFD and Kansei Engineering

image of a Kansei Engineering product exampleQFD provides a disciplined framework for effectively merging this specialized method in your product and business process development process. Lifestyle QFD uses easily available Kansei Engineering tools and software to apply QFD, a proven, customer-oriented development method for product, business process, and quality, to an emerging area of lifestyle, image, attitude, and psychological needs — the fuzzy emotional sides of product development which are the next "edge" for producing highly profitable, differentiated products and services.

This Workshop will:

Introduce participants to the Kansei Engineering concepts, approaches, and market segment-oriented development of Kansei needs;

Participants will take part in a Kansei experiment in class.

Who should attend?





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