QFD Black Belt® Certificate Course

This advanced training is for Facilitators, Project Leaders, Black Belts and Master Black Belts of Lean Sigma / DFSS / Phase-gates, Professionals in Design, Quality, Marketing, Innovation and Corporate Excellence. This is also a good place for corporate training scouts and project managers to test the waters.

The only internationally recognized QFD certificate programs authorized by the late Dr. Akao (founder of QFD), in this fast-paced, information-packed training, you will learn advanced techniques of Modern QFD, Comprehensive QFD, how to correctly create and use a House of Quality matrix, downstream deployments, how to expertly implement QFD with DFSS / DFLS, as well as advanced Quality Design and organizational methodologies such as Kansei Engineering, TRIZ, Hoshin, New Kano Model, ISO 16355, and Reverse QFD.

2021 QFD Black Belt® Training


The QFD Black Belt® Course will offer you:

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In-Company Training:  => please contact us.

Public QFD Black Belt® Course:

Three (3) Registration Options:

Option #1
QFD Black Belt® Course only:  US$5,120 per attendee.
This option is for those who have attended a QFD Green Belt® Course in 2020 or 2021.

Option #2
QFD Update Package: US$5,420 per attendee.
This option is for Provisional QFD Green Belts® who have attended a QFD Green Belt® in 2019 or earlier. This package includes the 2021 QFD Green Belt® Update Course and 2021 QFD Black Belt® Course.

Option #3
Facilitator's Package: US$6,620 per attendee.
This option is for those who are new to QFD Institute training. This package includes the July 2021 QFD Green Belt® Course and 2021 QFD Black Belt® course.

The above prices includes all training materials, modern QFD templates including modern House of Quality matrix and AHP, case studies, and ISO 16355 reference materials, plus after-class support.

How To Register:

Please send one of thesea Registration Forms by Email or by Fax +1 206-203-3575

Registration and payment processes are explained step by step in the registration documents. Please follow the easy instruction. If you have questions, please contact us.

Dates & Time Zones:


To assure the integrity of your certificate as demonstrated in application, full status QFD Black Belt® will be earned upon successful completion of:


Glenn Mazur: Convenor of ISO 16355 standard for QFD


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