QFD Black Belt® Update Course

Transitioning to ISO 16355

ISO 16355 for QFD is now in publication. QFD Black Belts® are in a unique position to advance the standard, as it follows a similar logic and flow.

QFD Black Belt® Update Course is a 1-day, semi-private continuing education exclusively for those who have earned the QFD Institute's full status or provisional QFD Black Belt® Certificate (see Prerequisites). This Update course will assist you in transitioning to the new standard and the current global best practices.

Many enhancements to QFD are included in the ISO 16355 standard. This is an opportunity to bring up to date and enhance your QFD knowledge and skills learned in your previous courses. The attendees of this Update receive a copy of the latest QFD Green Belt® and QFD Black Belt® training manuals / templates and a 2-year extension of your provisional Black Belt status.

You may bring your QFD deployment samples for critique and coaching, and/or send in advance your questions and the topics you wish to cover. .

2019 Option for this UPDATE course


Those who have earned a Provisional or Full Status QFD Black Belt® Certificate. (Verification of Prerequisites: You may be asked to provide your Certificate number or your past course information.)


Planned for this QFD Black Belt® Update Course are the following topics (*New 2015–2016):

Learning Outcomes and Benefits: 

This course will guide you in transitioning to ISO 16355 with the latest enhancements to the QFD process as taught in recent QFD Black Belt® courses and the most up-to-date QFD tools and methods, in addition to any review that you may wish to have.

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Notes: If the dates listed here do not work for you, please contact us or sign up for the free newsletter to receive future announcements. In-houseQFD Black Belt® Update course can be scheduled at your location for the companies that have multiple associates who have earned a full status or provisional QFD Black Belt®. Please contact us: Email to QFDI   |  Tel +1 734-995-0847.