QFD Green Belt® Update Course

Transitioning to ISO 16355

Many new advancements have been made in QFD over the last few years with the publication of ISO 16355. The QFD Green Belt® UPDATE Course is a semi-private continuing education exclusively for those who have successfully graduated from the QFD Institute's QFD Green Belt® Course in the past.

Created in response to students' request to help keep the momentum going, this Update Course offers you an opportunity to update and enhance the QFD knowledge and skills learned in your previous course. It is especially recommended for those who earned a provisional QFD Green Belt® more than 18 months ago and plan to advance to the QFD Black Belt® level.

You can bring your QFD examples for critique and coaching, or send your questions in advance.

2020 Options for this Update Course

Who Is Eligible To Attend QFD Green Belt® UPDATE:

Prerequisites: Anyone who have a Full-status or Provisional QFD Green Belt® Certificate, especially those who earned a Provisional QFD Green Belt® more than 18 months ago and wish to enroll in the QFD Black Belt® Course.


This refresher course reviews the core knowledge of the current QFD Green Belt® Course and also covers the latest advancements. Planned for this course are the following topics:

Recommended Things To Bring:

  1. Your laptop computer or tablet with MS Excel® and Adobe Acrobat®, as you will receive the templates and case studies on CD, USB, or by Email;
  2. Relevant marketing and technical data for a small project or a part of a large project that you are currently working on or plan to work on in the future. IMPORTANT: You will not be asked to reveal any confidential data. The goal is to make the QFD exercises real and meaningful to you! If it is not feasible to bring such data, you may join others or use a generic (or hobby) project. → Detailed instructions on this will be sent to you after your registration is complete.

Below describes the general contents of the QFD Green Belt® Certificate Course:

Textbooks and Materials


Venue & Travel