Glenn H. Mazur

Glenn is an international authority on QFD and leading Kansei trainer in the U.S. He is the Executive Director of the QFD Institute and International Council for QFD, Convenor of ISO 16355 QFD standard, and president of Japan Business Consultants.

A Japanese quality specialist since 1980, he has studied and worked with Japanese quality masters, including Dr. Yoji Akao (founder of QFD) and Dr. Mitsuo Nagamachi (founder of Kansei Engineering), teaching QFD seminars side by side with Dr. Akao during many of the master's visits to U.S. companies. Fluent in Japanese, Mazur is one of a few Westerners who can articulate often too foreign and inexplicable oriental concepts with intelligibility and accuracy appreciated by English-speaking audience.

Glenn Mazur is a recipient of the 1998 Akao Prize® for Excellence and one of the only two non-Japanese to be certified as QFD Red Belt® by Dr. Yoji Akao (the highest QFD mastery level). He has taught Total Quality Management at the University of Michigan School of Engineering for 10 years, delivered many keynotes at international quality conferences (both QFD and Kansei Engineering), written over a hundred articles and papers on QFD and quality methodologies, and trained numerous QFD Green Belts® and QFD Black Belts® worldwide since 2000.

Recent awards includes the Founders Medal by the International Academy for Quality, Best Paper Award by the European Organization for Quality, and was also recognized by Thomson Reuters 2014 Journal Citation Reports® for the impact factors of his paper in Quality Engineering Journal.

Mazur is a senior member of ASQ (American Society for Quality), an Academician in the International Academy for Quality (IAQ) and the convenor of ISO Working Group for writing the International QFD Standards.

Speaking Engagements:

Glenn Mazur may be presenting a lecture or workshop at these events as well as on ASQ TV.


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Glenn Mazur can be reached at this e-mail address or through his personal website or through QFD Institute.


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