Hoshin Kanri

Hosin Kanri is a quality approach to strategic planning and policy management. It provides a systematic approach to planning, executing, auditing, and managing corporate visions and business strategies on a company-wide basis.

Glenn Mazur, executive director of the QFD Institute, explains in his book "Policy Management: Quality Approach to the Strategic Planning":

"Imagine yourself as the captain of a sailing vessel charted on a course for the North Pole. During the early part of the trip, you establish a route, assign responsibilities, instruct the best sailing practices, and develop an efficient organization... But suddernly, w wind blows up. You have little control over this influence. When the winds threaten to drive you off course, how do you maintain position? The Japanese characters for Hoshin Kanri mean managing with a compass needle pointing the way. The North Pole represents our organizational vision and mission. It is our goals, strategic business policies, and directives...[Glenn Mazur]"

Like a compass needle in the journey to the North Pole, Hoshin Kanri provides a system of steadfastly charting the course for your business based on the guiding principle of your company mission and vision, as all levels of the company workforce navigate through ups and downs of daily tasks, monthly targets, yearly goals and longer-term strategies.

This company-wide strategic quality policy management system was little known outside Japan until recently. Now some U.S. companies are beginning to implement hoshin kanri, but most are only concerned about "how to complete the A3-x matrix," in a similar ignorance as many people still believe that filling out the cells of the House of Quality matrix is implementing QFD. Read Neither Hoshin Kanri nor QFD are about matrices. Matrices are nothing but a tool. We advise you first study and develop sound understanding of the "spirit" of the method rather than following the "form" of a matrix.

This Tutorial will:

Hoshin Kanri Workshop is a in-company seminar followed by optional facilitation, and can be arranged by contacting the QFDI   .

Students will gain the first-hand knowledge from the instructor who has visited Japanese companies employing this method and studied with some of the top Hoshin Kanri practitioners and teachers in Japan.

Who should attend:

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Glenn Mazur (email to Mazur)     


This Workshop may be held at your company location. Also, introduction of Hoshin is now covered in QFD Black Belt® Courses.

To schedule this workshop as an In-house training. Please Contact Us

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