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QFD Diet

QFD in a pandemic

QFD for Digitalized Products and Services

Competitive Benchmarking and QFD

Modern QFD Maximum Value Table — MVT can replace the House of Quality matrix (hoQ) when resources are constrained.

India embraces Modern Blitz QFD®

Highlights Report from 2019 International Symposium on QFD (ISQFD'19-Boise)

Announcing the 2019 Akao Prize® recipient

Gemba: The Key To Future Success

QFD for Business Transformation

ISO 16355 and QFD Black Belt® Training

Using QFD and AHP's Structured Analysis to Surface Market Predictions and Formulate Future Strategy

Adding Security Deployment to QFD

Report from 2018 ISQFD Hong Kong

Comprehensive QFD Deployments—Are they necessary?

CEAT wins the prestigious 2017 Deming Prize

Which one for my project? ... Classical, Blitz, or Reverse QFD?

2017 ISQFD Tokyo — Review

ISO 16355-Infused QFD Training

Making a Decision in a Complicated Confusing Situation — Case Study: Medicare and Healthcare Insurance

Decision Making in Complex Systems — Can ISO 16355 Improve Healthcare

ISO 16355 — From Voice of Customer to Quality Assurance

Applying QFD Toos in Service and Intangibles

Report from 2016 International Symposium on QFD (ISQFD'16-Boise)

Turning Fishbones into Wishbones: The traditional "cause-and-effect" defect analysis is no longer adequate for today's New Product Development. QFD offers a natural framework for "desired outcome, customer benefits" development approach.

Preview of The 22nd International Symposium on QFD, September 9–10, 2016

ISO 16355 Honorificabilitudinitatibus

Omron Hits a Home Run in Personal Medical Devices

QFD tools for Environmental Sustainability

What ISO 16355 compliance means to you: Key updates that you will need to know to comply

Sounding out sensory attributes in product development (Lifestyle Deployment example)

Serendipity in the Gemba

Trouble with travel: Identify true customer needs, not product features, for new product development

New ISO 16355 Standard for QFD

Taxi of Tomorrow failing on today's needs — Uber is making the Taxi of Tomorrow look like they address the needs of yesterday. What can you learn from the case of mis-identified, latent true customer needs? This is how to build on nnovative strategy, using advanced QFD.

Autonomous cars -- The only solution to transportation independence?

Are you running a customer 'dis'loyalty program?

QFD by the Book? — What should you do when your boss demands a House of Quality?

Lifestyle Deployment and QFD — Adding emotional quality to functional quality in healthcare

Words of Mouse (WoM) — How to develop new product, service, and competitive edge from online customer voices and with Blitz QFD® tools

Level Heads for Sweet Hearts!— Value Chain and Kansei for Marketing and Advertising

Don't speak, just listen — Detroit Auto Show and the Secret of QFD (Why you cannot use raw VOC for new product development)

What is Infotainment System for developers?

Automotive Reliability Report— QFD and New Kano Model perspectives

Defect-centric or Value-centric?

Taxi of Tomorrow: Lessons to learn from QFD perspective

Reverse-QFD : Product-out vs Market-in Approaches

A QFD dissection of Runbell (a Kickstarter project)

Customer Gemba Studies — Secret for Enduring Product Success

When a product meets specifications but fails in customer satisfaction

Classical QFD or Modern QFD — What's the difference?

How customers adapt to unsatisfying products

Aeroflot works to end service with a snarl

Redecorate your House of Quality

An Apple a day, keeps competitors away!

An Eight-legged Horse

QFD and Healthcare: Keeping Quality, Cost, and Availability in Focus

DFSS / DFLS and QFD: Why we need both

When Manufacturing Comes Home — QFD in the Plants

Translating Voice of Customer into True Customer Needs

Success by Design - It is a job for QFD

Electronic Medical Records in the gemba

Decision Making with AHP

Quality Methods Essential to Innovation and Financial Success

General Motors and Gemba Maestro: How to translate VOC into true customer needs

Hoshin : Understanding the spirit behind the form

Anticipating future market and needs

Artists' Sixth sense for engineers

Bring your QFD math to Six Sigma level

Capturing knowledge of retiring boomers

Castles made of mountains

Chain of customers

Chrysler LH Powertrain example

Cognitive information processing in healthcare

Communicate across those functional silos

Customer Context Table in action

Customer satisfaction at lower cost

Defining Luxury for Today's Business Travelers

Avoiding the Bonehead Spec syndrome, while listening smarter to your customers

Dr. Deming in Japan


Does QFD take too long?

Fried rice and cement

How to handle critical VOC

How to handle VOC issues for high impact projects (Discussions and Lessons from Japan crisis)

Improve your DFSS with Modern QFD

Influence of Dr. Deming in QFD (1)

Influence of Dr. Deming in QFD (2)

Influence of Dr. Deming in QFD (3)

Lean your QFD

Modern QFD vs Traditional 4-phase model

NATO combat aircraft mobility study

QFD and Kano model

QFD and Six Sigma DMAIC

QFD applications in the public sector

QFD for service and information economy

QFD for software and IT projects

QFD gemba study

QFD questions from India

QFD reliability and safety deployment

QFD security deployment for predicting future risks

QFD turns diversity into corporate innovation

Service QFD and state transition diagram

Service QFD example of Florida Power Light

Six Sigma QFD hotel application

Survive economic downturn with Modern QFD

Task deployment

Technology driven product development

The devil is in the details

The role of Quality in Fukushima nuclear crisis

Thoughts on Japan disaster

Top 10 QFD questions

Translating market needs into technical capabilities

Trusting front line employees to be customer advocates

VOC analysis

Walking a mile in your patients shoes

When quality is no longer the differenciator

Why appearance is not exciting for a sport car

Why QFD fails at some companies

Why we drink beer

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