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Report from 2016 International Symposium

We are pleased to share highlights from the 22nd International Symposium on QFD (ISQFD'16-Boise) which was held in September 2016 in Boise, Idaho USA.

We hope this gives you a sense of our global QFD community, what to expect in future QFD symposia and how you can be a part of it all.

2016 Akao Prize® Award

(photo: 2016 Akao Prize awarded to Dr. Kim Stansfield)The Akao Prize® recognizes individuals who have made substantial contributions to the advancement of QFD on a global level. Taken into consideration are advanced research, innovation, excellence in practical applications, leadership in international collaborations pertaining to QFD / ISO 16355, as well as continual skills upgrading.

This year's Akao Prize was awarded to Dr. Kim Stansfield, QFD Black Belt® and senior teaching fellow at Warwick University WMG in U.K. (photo on the right)

Dr. Stansfield's career includes the UK's Royal Aerospace Composites Group, Lucas Engineering and Systems, Energy Technologies Institute, among many positions. He is a Chartered Engineer and a member of the IET and INCOSE, and has been the UK representative for the development of the ISO 16355 standard for QFD since 2010. Congratulations, Kim!

QFD Belts® Achievements

Once again, we salute those who rose to the challenge of earning the QFD Green Belt® and QFD Black Belt® Certificates. You have gained the knowledge and skills to implement state-of-the-art QFD tools and strategies in new product development, DFLS/DFSS, and corporate excellence. Congratulations!

(photo: 2016 QFD Black Belt graduates in Boise)
QFD Black Belt® Graduates in Boise

(photo: QFD Green Belt graduates)
QFD Green Belt® Graduates in Boise

2016 Best Paper Awards

Among many quality papers, the QFDI staff selected these as 2016 best papers. Kudos to all.

QFD and the Systems Engineering Way of Working by Steve Dimelow, QFD Black Belt®, Rolls-Royce plc., UK.
Sustainability Function Deployment (SFD) by Juan Manuel Garcia, Leanradar Org / Baxter Corporation, USA.

Using AHP In QFD -- The Impact of the New ISO 16355 Standard by Dr. Thomas Fehlmann, Euro Project Office AG, Switzerland

Global State of QFD

Marking the 50th year anniversary of the methodology, global pioneers gathered to share historic perspectives and invaluable insights.

USA: Bob King, retired founder/CEO of GOAL/QPC and internationally respected educator in business excellence, has brought many Japanese Quality methods including QFD to the attention of English-speaking audiences over the decades. Bob pointed out the "burning platforms" of the 1970-1990s' where fierce competition from Japan prompted the American automotive industry to embrace QFD. The current and future "burning platforms" would be the new startups where QFD can serve most strongly to guide entrepreneurs with critical issues in new product and business development.

Harold Ross, retired GM Vehicles Development manager and QFD Institute director, discussed how General Motors became one of the first non-Japanese companies to embrace QFD some forty years ago. Harold also presented "The New Kano Model," a striking evolution of the original Kano concept, offering superior understanding of "exciting quality" and the tools to "How To Really Excite Your Customers."

GERMANY / EU: Professor Georg Herzwurm from the University of Stuttgart shared the introduction and practice of QFD in Germany and the EU since the 1990s, especially in software and IT fields. Prof. Herzwurm also presented a German study of software QFD usage and how it needs evolving in the future.

JAPAN: Retired professor emeritus Hisakazu Shindo from the University of Yamanashi reflected on the background of the Japanese QFD development in the 1960s as well as his recent research.

CHINA: Dr. Catherine Chan from Hong Kong shared her personal journey of QFD learning and the challenges in the Chinese-language region where the traditional business culture is not conductive to the concept. Nonetheless, she believes introduction of QFD can lead to better TQM practice for Chinese manufacturers.

ISO 16355: Glenn Mazur (QFD Institute) reflected on the USA QFD lectures in the 1980-90s, where Dr. Akao shared his knowledge generously with whomever asked. Glenn briefed on the evolution of QFD since then, including the latest development of ISO 16355 which offers a wealth of knowledge, both to industry professionals and academic researchers.

(photo: ISQFD'16-Boise panel discussion)
50th Anniversary Panel: Global Spread of QFD

In Boise, we made new QFD friends, strengthen old relationships, broadened our perspectives and came home with inspiration and tools for better design, quality, and innovation. Our heartfelt appreciation to everyone who enriched the event with their participation.

We hope to see all of you at future QFD events. We recommend you sign up for the free newsletter; the subscribers will receive early notification of the symposium, public courses, and lectures, both US and international. If you have any questions about QFD or events, please contact us.

(photoL ISQFD'16-Boise speakers)
ISQFD'16-Boise speakers

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