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2017 ISQFD Tokyo — Review

Here is a recap of the highlights from the International Symposium on QFD (ISQFD), held in September 2017 in Tokyo, Japan. image: ISQFD 2017We summarize these, not just because there were great presentations, but also because the applications presented demonstrate how broadly QFD can be defined in the modern world.

For example, the essence of QFD is to assure quality in new "creations" by bringing the affected stakeholders together to discuss their priorities before resources are committed. What the Tokyo papers reflected is that the "creation" is not limited just to products and services offered to consumers, but can it also include strategies, business models, educational structures, testing and validation processes, human resources, and so many other applications -- to "get it right, the first time."

Here is a brief review of the papers and case studies from around the world that were presented at the 2017 ISQFD:

ISO 16355:

Software/Technology QFD:

Service/Education QFD:

QFD Fundamentals:

The conference also included the presentations by two living Deming Prize recipients:

Dr. Noriaki Kano gave us an update on his seminal work of Attractive Quality and the role it plays in QFD today, delving deeply into the philosophical elements of Attractive Quality thinking, including ancient Sanskrit origins! He then reviewed the Attractive Quality Life Cycle where he explained why new product development is so essential to retaining industry leadership in today's competitive world. This included updates on how the various steps of Attractive Quality Creation (The Kano Model) fit directly into the QFD process and where to insert the information in each QFD matrix. He showed steps that went beyond any presentation I have seen before. Finally, Dr. Kano explained how necessary QFD has become to the Internet of Things where understanding the objectives of the overarching system (user satisfaction) is essential to getting it "right."

Greg Watson gave an in-depth review of the intellectual roots of the Japanese approach to quality, and how these roots form the underpinnings of cross-functional communication that is the hallmark of QFD and Hoshin Kanri (Policy Deployment), also promulgated in the West by Dr. Akao. For those who thought these to be merely engineering tools, Greg's presentation clearly demonstrated that both QFD and Hoshin embody the human capacity to think, experiment, learn, and hold the gains by transforming "knowing" into "known." I loved how Greg explained that Eastern and Western thinking could be integrated, as now seen in modern management structures, such as Toyota, even to its corporate logo.

Lastly but not least, the conference included a special memorial session for the late Dr. Yoji Akao (co-founder of QFD), who passed away last year. Members of the international QFD community shared their personal experiences with Dr. Akao that made his humanity so easy to appreciate. Mrs. Akao delivered kind words of appreciation to everyone for the many, many years of hosting the couple around the world, and the precious memories she holds. Thank you, Mrs. Akao and your family, for so generously sharing your husband with us.

Our warm appreciation to Japan's JUSE for the fine support they gave to the ISQFD.

The 2018 ISQFD is planned in Hong Kong. Details will be communicated through this newsletter as they become available.

Meanwhile, the next QFD Green Belt® Certificate Course will be offered on November 8–9, 2017 in Michigan, USA:
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