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QFD and Kano Model

Kano Model is often interpreted simply as a relationship model of expected quality vs. excited quality."What is really important, however, is that the target of customer satisfaction can be moving and invisible." [Glenn Mazur 2002]  This requires more complex analysis and deeper market understanding using Modern QFD tools.

picture of kano model by QFDIThe center line of the Kano diagram represents more performance type issues such as "faster is better." These represent what most customers talk about. Thus, they are visible to both you and your competitors. "The expected requirements and exciting requirements provide the best opportunity for competitive advantage if you can find a way to make them visible and then deliver on them." [Glenn Mazur 2002]

In this fast changing world, hitting the right target is made more difficult by emerging customer segments, new technology, and competitive pressures. What works today may not be enough for tomorrow. You have to hit it with laser precision if you want the benefits that comes with a focused product development process.

This is precisely where QFD is strongest. QFD makes invisible requirements and strategic advantages visible, and then allows you to prioritize and deliver on them. Like a laser, aiming must be precise or the wrong target may be hit. New tools in Modern QFD courses will help you sort out the strategic targets and deliver true customer value.

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A paper on the new developments on Kano Model and application example was presented at the 18th Symposium on QFD (2006). It examined what Kano Model really is, the historical background, discussions on the relationship between Kano Model and QFD, etc. The paper then introduced new application methods and models.

The QFD Institute's on-going international research has additionally led to New Kano Model Workshop, which may be scheduled as an in-company training. Some of the New Kano Model tools and techniques are also taught in the QFD Black Belt® Course.

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