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QFD Global Education & Training

While QFD has been successfully applied in Japan since 1960s, it was not until 1980 when the West discovered it and English information became available.

Modern QFD, the current best practice QFD for DFLS / DFSS, is even younger. Presently, the U.S. lead Modern QFD learning and application. North America has the highest concentration of companies using Modern QFD in their New Product Development (NPD) process, as well as QFD Green Belt® and QFD Black Belt® certificate holders.

The most successful applications are reported from the companies that employ custom-tailored Modern QFD approaches and have built up enough internal QFD Black Belts® and Green Belts® to carry out new NPD projects on an on-going basis. A good concentration of QFD Green Belts® are also found in Germany and Sweden.

photo of a QFD Green Belt CourseWith proliferation of Lean Sigma / Six Sigma, other countries are also starting to upgrade their QFD practices.

"Do you have a QFD Green Belt® Course outside the U.S.?"

The QFD Institute has been broadening its global outreach efforts every year to respond to this need, bringing the International QFD Green Belt® Certificate Course to cities around the world so that more people will have exposure to correct QFD information and current best practice. To date, we have held this course successfully in England, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Turkey, and Peru, attended by people from local industries as well as those from neighboring countries. Please contact us if you wish to have this course in your country.

Giving mini workshops and speaking at various international and domestic conferences, as well as universities, are also part of our outreach efforts. The 2007 and 2011 German QFD Symposia, 2008 International Symposium on QFD in Turkey are such examples. Domestically, we offer annual guest lectures at the University of Texas - Dallas and University of Michigan, and so forth.

photo of a QFDI lecture at 2007 German QFD SymposiumThese outreach programs are typically arranged in cooperation with local universities, industry groups, trade associations, and government agencies, as well as in coordination with International Symposium on QFD (ISQFD) and ICQFD (international alliance of QFD activities).

The QFD Institute plans to continue expanding our global outreach program in response to new interest from other countries, academic and research institutions, and businesses.

Those who wish to collaborate planning of an International QFD Green Belt® Course, various Workshops (Voice of Customer, Kansei Engineering, Hoshin, AHP), and International QFD Symposium in your country are invited to Contact Us to find out what steps are needed.

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