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QFD Student Resource Pack

This resource pack was originally created for university students studying QFD as a part of their course work, to foster correct understanding of QFD among academia. It has since become a popular resource for industry professionals. This Pack is currently provided complementally to the attendees of the QFD Institute Symposium on QFD. (one CD or memory stick per attendee on site; no shipment)

Recent Example of QFD Student Resource Pack

  1. QFD Templates (basic student-version QFD templates including a House of Quality matrix, AHP, and so forth in MS Excel®, intended for students' trial use, not professional version)
  2. What is QFD?
  3. Who are the founders of QFD?
  4. How long has the methodology been around?
  5. What are the tools of QFD?
  6. What industries and businesses are using QFD?
  7. How does QFD differ from other quality initiatives?
  8. How does QFD offer strategic advantage?
  9. QFD and ISO and QS Standards
  10. What are 'expected quality' and 'exciting quality' ?
  11. What are Traditional QFD and Modern QFD?
  12. How to implement QFD?
  13. What are common mistakes that people make when trying to do QFD?
  14. What is the House of Quality?
  15. QFD and Six Sigma
  16. How does QFD approach the Voice of Customer analysis?
  17. Can QFD be used for a service rather than a product?
  18. Can QFD be used for software and IT development?
  19. Can QFD be used for healthcare development?
  20. How does QFD improve cross-functional communication?
  21. Influence of Dr. Deming in QFD
  22. What software do you recommend for my QFD project?
  23. What QFD resource do you recommend?
  24. What is the QFD Belt Certificate program?

When feasible, this Pack might also include some of these or other case study papers:

  • Other resources that you might be also interested...
  • To learn the current best QFD methods and tools for your professional project, consider attending the Public Courses which are compliant with ISO 16355 and include professional-level Moern QFD Templates.