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Designing a winning strategy in a highly competitive environment requires more than just having technical advantage. You also must make allowances for the "true" objectives of the other side — customers and competitors.

Quality Function Deployment (QFD) helps organizations seek out both spoken and unspoken objectives, translate these into measurable actions and designs, and focus the necessary business functions toward achieving this common goal. QFD enables organizations to exceed normal expectations and provide a level of unanticipated excitement that generates the "wow" response. From both customers and competitors.

  • Below describes the 2019 Intrnational Symposium on QFD (the 25th ISQFD). You can read the 2019 highlights here.
  • The papers from the 2019 ISQFD are available from this page.
  • The next ISQFD and Call For Paper will be announced on the Calendar as well as in the QFD newsletter. Please sign up for the newsletter to receive timely announcements.

The 25th International Symposium on QFD (ISQFD) on September 6–7, 2019 continues the tradition of bringing innovative ideas and application examples to the public, through the presentation of the latest case studies and research from around the world. This year's program also includes the Tutorial "QFD For Business Transformation" and a forum on ISO 16355.

People of all professions, countries, and levels of QFD knowledge are welcomed, including those who wish to find out how the modern QFD might be useful to their work. (more on attending benefits...)

The QFD Certificate Program offers a plenty of training opportunities with both the introductory QFD Green Belt® and the advanced QFD Black Belt® courses. Learn the current best practices, powerful and yet easy-to-use tools, and immediately applicable skills from the world's best instructors. Modern QFD templates (including modern House of Quality matrix, AHP, customer voice table, maximum value table, etc.) and the QFDI training manual of your chosen level are included, as well as relevant case studies and ISO 16355 reference materials. More on the attending benefits...

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The ISQFD symposium presentations will help you understand:

  • How QFD addresses real world problems and how others are using it for competitive edge;
  • How QFD is integrated with other methods, how Modern Blitz QFD® method brings power to DFLS / DFSS;
  • What application potentials are out there for my own project;
  • What are the new standards, research, and emerging ideas that I should be aware of;
  • What is the best way to introduce QFD in my work place;
  • How other parts of the world are utilizing QFD, what are their states of competitiveness;
  • How QFD has advanced since the 1980s, including the new ISO 16355 standard for QFD;
  • Common errors to avoid in implemetation;
  • What past attendees have said about the symposium experience.

QFD Green Belt® (web page  |  PDF): You will learn the tools and application methods of Modern Blitz QFD®. The course has a workshop component, so if you wish, you can begin applying QFD immediately on your work project right in the classroom. You will also take home the training materials including the modern QFD templates Excel and examplary case studies.  See what past attendees have said about this course. For those whose QFD training traces back to the 1980-90s as well as those who are book-learned, this course is an excellent opportunity to update your knowledge to the new ISO 16355 standard, including the correct deployments and math for the House of Quality and the new toolsets.

QFD Black Belt® (web page  |  PDF): You will learn the state-of-art, facilitator-level advanced QFD techniques and analytic methods, the breadth and depth of Comprehensive QFD, and associated methodologies (such as Kansei Engineering, Hoshin, TRIZ, and New Kano model) and sound integrations with these and other relevant methods. This course is highly recommended for master black belts of Six Sigma / Lean Sigma and DFSS / DFLS and corporate excellence champions.  See what past attendees have said about this course.

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Symposium welcomes everyone from the novice to the experienced. There is no need to have prior QFD knowledge. Typical attendees include, but not limited to, practitoners of QFD and other relevant methods, project team members, academic researchers, students, and industry professionals including Lean / Six Sigma black belts and master black belts, trainers, facilitators, consultants, and more. Attendees and speakers come from all industries and countries.

QFD Belt® Certificate Courses are ideal for all business functions. This includes those who are a part of new product development, product and business process planning, marketing, supply chain, design, engineering, quality, R&D, DFLS/DFSS, corporate excellence and training, etc. These courses are also beneficial to advanced researchers from academic institutions. See the companies that have sent employees to this event in the past. The 2-day symposium is complimentary to attendees of these courses.

No prerequisites when you sign up for the QFD Green Belt® Package or Facilitator's Package.

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Please use one of these registration forms.

Upon receiving your registration, we will issue an email invoice within 24 hours. This email will be sent from Glenn Mazur and accompany a PDF attachment and a blue button"View & Pay Invoice. Please use the button for secure credit card payment.

If you have questions, please contact us, +1 734-995-0847.

QFD Certificate Program offers a multi-level structured QFD curriculum, aligned with ongoing research, giving students the best possible QFD training to this day.

The aim is to produce practitioners who are capable of applying QFD thinking and tools correctly and effectively in their profession for successful development of new products, services, and business processes, and by doing so, to foster the next generation of QFD practitioners within his/her organization.

The curriculum draws upon valuable traditions from Drs. Akao and Mizuno's Comprehensive QFD and new advancements incorporated in recent years, retaining the best that was created by the two co-founders while embracing the demands of today's business reality. We emphasize on the Voice of Customer discovery of unspoken needs, sound QFD deployments, and use of the latest QFD tools and valid math.

This is the only QFD curriculum sanctioned and authorized by Dr. Akao outside Japan. All training by the QFD Institute is compatible with ISO 16355, Six Sigma, DFSS, Stage Gate, EFQM, TQM, Baldrige, and other quality initiatives.
This event is hosted by the QFD Institute, in cooperation with the International Council for QFD (ICQFD).

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The ISQFD began as a way for industry professionals and scholars from around the world to exchange ideas and learn from each other in a supportive environment.

This is where you can get the most up-to-date information on QFD, the state of the ISO 16355 QFD standard, as well as global trends and application examples.

It is also a good place to test your ideas and seek feedback from the world top QFD experts.

Please join us in Boise, Idaho to celebrate the Silver Jubilee ISQFD 2019.

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