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Blitz QFD®

Time is a premium today. Whether a company is able to execute a new product development and launch before its competitors or not could result in the difference between gained or lost market share, profits or loss, or even survival or casualty.

This is one area that traditional methods have not addressed adequately. The reality is that most projects have only enough resources to deliver a few customer needs. How can we deliver what matters most and keep the development time under control?

Two time-saving techniques have been developed in the U.S. in recent years. One such method is called Blitz QFD®. In addition to the traditional product development following critical path, Blitz QFD® also follows Essential Path, focusing on "value" discovery based on the recognition that some tasks may not be on the critical path but could be far more value-adding than others.

Blitz QFD® consists of seven steps, several important tables, two diagrams, a mathematically sound prioritization method, and no House of Quality matrix (HoQ). Among its tools are Customer Voice Table, Maximum Value Table, etc.

The concept and initial application results reported in 1997 at The 9th Symposium on QFD demonstrated how Blitz QFD® empowered companies to deliver the maximum value for the effort invested, while shortening development time without increasing risk.

The method is especially valuable in high tech, IT, and software applications that demand faster, focused product development and legacy risk consideration. One of our QFD Green Belt® graduates described the Blitz to his colleagues as follows:

  1. Blitz QFD® gives you the ability to observe, define, map, and quantify customer problems and opportunities by going to the customer gemba;
  2. Blitz QFD® helps customers accurately prioritize the impact of improvements on their business by using AHP; and
  3. Blitz QFD® improves customer's work and process through the new products and services we develop.

Most important, Blitz QFD® addresses all three of these points, while the House of Quality matrix does only a part of item #3.

Blitz QFD® is taught in QFD Green Belt® Certificate Course, which is offered as public courses as well as in-house custom-tailored training.

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