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Hoshin Kanri

Hoshin Kanri is a systematic quality approach to planning, executing, auditing, and managing corporate visions and business strategies on a company-wide basis. It is a company-wide strategic management system that is little known outside Japan.

Like a compass needle in the journey to the North Pole, Hoshin Kanri provides a system of steadfastly charting the course for your business based on the guiding principle of your company mission and vision, as all levels of the company workforce navigate through ups and downs of daily tasks, monthly targets, yearly goals and longer-term strategies.

Hoshin Kanri Workshop

Hoshin Kanri Workshop is a 2-day in-company seminar followed by optional facilitation, and can be arranged by contacting the QFD Institute.

This tutorial will:

    1. spreading the organization-wide visions and strategies to each level of the workforce;
    2. progressively decomposing the long and medium-term business plans into short-term business plans and goals;
    3. clarifying and delegating responsibilities to specific daily targets, methods, and actions of all levels of employees; and
    4. examining how the top-down directives were achieved and how the results are being reflected in future plans.

Students will gain the first-hand knowledge from the instructor who has visited Japanese companies employing this method and studied with some of the top Hoshin Kanri practitioners and teachers in Japan.

(excerpt from "Hoshin Policy Management: Quality Approach to Strategic Planning" by Glenn Mazur,

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Good News: Introduction of Hoshin is now covered in QFD Black Belt® Courses.

To schedule this workshop as an In-house training; please contact QFD Institute.