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New Kano Model

Discover Latent Customer Needs and Introduce Exciting Quality into Product Development

image of original Kano model by QFDIThe original Kano Model (the diagram on the right) was a framework developed by Noriaki Kano, Ph.D., Nobuhiko Seraku, and Fumio Takahashi in Japan in the 1970s, for “attractive quality creation.” It helps explain why removing defects does not equal customer satisfaction.

The competitive edge from products that excite customers is important for product line planning and brand distinction. Prompted by the intriguing diagram, many markerters and product planners as well as QFD practitioners have used the concept to find a unique perspective for segmentation. Some also attempted to apply it to strategy and advertising. Few have succeeded in using the orignal Kano Model effectively for these purposes or integrating it into QFD, based on our review of many published case studies.

The New Kano Model and QFD

When the original Kano model was introduced to the West in the mid-1980s by Dr. Yoji Akao (founder of QFD methodology) during his teaching in America, the QFD practitioners in the U.S. intuitively liked how the model explained the power of the latent requirements of business challenges today, such as:

These challenges offer new opportunities for generating greater sales and market share — if you can successfully harness the insights of latent needs and exciting quality. This is where you need New Kano Model and Modern QFD. The original Kano model cannot deliver it. This is why:

The above problem was addressed by Mr. Harold Ross, a retired General Motors Product Development manager and director of the QFD Institute. He called this the New Kano Model and it adds the necessary questions to draw the curve and use it to extrapolate design decisions. It also reveals hidden market segments.

New Kano Model Workshop

(NewKano Model by QFD Institute, Harold Ross)This workshop provides an explicit framework for effectively learning how to apply the model and merging this powerful method for exciting quality into QFD and your product development process. This Workshop will:

Who should attend?


Good News: Some of this workshop content are now covered in the QFD Black Belt® Course.

The New Kano Model Workshop can be also held at your company location as an in-house training. Please contact QFD Institute.