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QFD Green Belt®Certificate Course

APRIL 12–13
Michigan USA

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JUNE 13–15
Helsinki, Finland

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QFD Black Belt®Certificate Course

APRIL 16–20
Michigan USA

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Quality Function Deployment

QFD is an internationally recognized methodology for customer needs analysis and solution development. It includes customer requirements management (CRM) and design for customer value (DFCV). QFD continues to evolve, from its early days as a technique for assuring quality before manufacturing.

Modern QFD was developed by the QFD Institute to address today's business models that are agile, global, and technology-infused. Now part of the ISO 16355, it is a focused analysis of the voice of the customer, mathematically sound prioritization, and is coupled with lean, efficient deployments. It obsoletes the classical House of Quality and 4-phase approach.

Advanced QFD is a unified system to connect the voice of stakeholders and organizational requirements of management to facilitate innovative opportunities and strategic alignment across all business fuctions.

The QFD Institute is the official source for QFD and ISO 16355 resources and training. Dedicated to research, advancement, and training of the state-of-the-art tools and best practices, we are a member of the International Council for QFD, the American host of the ISQFD, and a major contributor to the body of knowledge in ISO 16355.

We invite you to participate in our public events to build your professional skills, check out what is new, and network with like-minded colleagues.

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